The Ancient Secrets of Spiritual and Tribal Tattoo Designs
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Avoid  7 devastating mistakes  that could make you the permanent walking joke and an insult to the very cultures you respect & could even endanger your good fortune and health! And... 

Discover How to Summon Spiritual Protection, Bring Blessings and Good Karma to Yourself & Others by Using Little Known Secrets of Choosing Spiritual & Tribal Tattoo Designs

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From the hermitage of Serguei Levykin

Wednesday, 9:21am

Dear Friend,

Read this NOW, before you get another spiritual, religious or tribal tattoo:

How often have you (or someone you know) been asked about what your spiritual or tribal tattoo means and represents, and to your embarrassment had little or nothing to say? Did you ever look through hundreds of tattoo designs searching for something beautiful and spiritual and unable to decide which tribal tattoo design will be the right one for you because you don't understand the language or the culture? Or have you ever looked for meaningful, yet cute tattoo designs for women or men that would tell others about who you really are? When you are look for tattoo design, do you want something unique, beautiful, and artistic, that will express how you're special and different from everybody else?

I remember at a party a girl was showing everyone a new tattoo on her arm with some text written in what she thought was Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. She was saying that it was a mantra for protection and prosperity. Upon a closer inspection it turned out to be a cigarette advertisement(!) in Hindi. I chose not to say anything to not spoil her enjoyment. Imagine how embarassed she will feel when she will eventually find out?

Over the years I have seen friend after friend looking for spiritual lower back tattoo ideas, tribal forearm tattoos or just pictures of "godly" tattoos. I helped many friends decide on the right design or symbol for them. Seeing how happy and proud they were about the unusual designs we selected, after a while I decided that it would be a good idea to write a book about spiritual and tribal tattoos. You see, I have been blessed with an unusual qualification to assist you and my other friends who want a spiritual tattoo.

First of all, I grew up in an area with a strong living pagan tribal tradition. I noticed and learned about tribal designs and symbols all around me. The respect and awe for ancient cultures became ingrained in me. I have been learning more and more every year since.

My father came from a Christian family, and my mother came from a Muslim family; thus I got a balanced perspective on these world religions. And to top it all off, I spent seven years in a Hindu monastery, practising meditation and studying ancient scriptures and sutras written in Sanskrit, as well as other spiritual traditions and their symbols. I have been exposed to all major religious cultures and kept learning about their symbols, stories, and characters.

I travelled to and observed the spiritual and tribal traditions of Australia , New Zealand , America , Russia , India , Thailand and Malaysia . As a result of these experiences, I collected a lot of interesting facts and information and even some ancient secrets that I've now compiled into a book.

Before disclosing those secrets to you, I want to warn you. There are seven most common mistakes that people commit to their bodies over and over again which make them look under-educated at best and often very offensive to the carriers of the culture:

  1. Did you know that in some cultures getting a tattoo marks you as an outcast or an outlaw? Wouldn't it be useful to know, for example, in which two major Asian cultures sporting a tattoo would put you below the level of civilisation?
  2. Did you know that in some cultures wearing a spiritual tattoo on certain parts of your body would make you look like you're trying to offend the spiritual powers of the universe?
  3. Did you know that some perfectly good symbols put together with all good intentions, can turn into something that makes no sense whatsoever at best or even into a bad omen?
  4. Did you know that what is an fortune symbol in one culture, with slight variations could mean bad luck in another culture?
  5. Did you know that if you're a practising Christian, a Jew or a Muslim, there are some common symbols that you should not even consider putting on your body lest you commit a sin of devil worship?
  6. Did you know that you can start attracting the wrong kind of sexual attention by selecting the wrong kind of designs?
  7. Did you know that putting tattoos in the wrong location may interfere with your life energy meridians and shorten your life?

In my book, I explain exactly how to avoid those mistakes and more.

In this ground-breaking book you will also find out:

And also:

Now, of course, you could look for all this information yourself. You can look through tons of sites on the web (most of which require you to pay for a subscription), or get a bunch of heavy and expensive books from a library or a book store. You could seek out some Celtic, Native American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Maori people and ask them about the meanings of the symbols and designs from their culture (a lot of them wouldn't know themselves). You could browse through hundreds of pages of photographs at different tattoo parlours in your city. You could talk to your pastor, rabbi, mullah or priest. You could commission an artist to design something special for you, pay them and play the waiting game. You could spend your hours, days, weeks and dollars doing that.

Or you could just invest $29.95 in this e-book and have all the essential information at your finger tips. How much time and money will you save? And in just 15 minutes you can make a call to book your session at a tattoo parlour.

Take one full year to examine and use this spiritual and tribal tattoo designs book. That's right: you have 365 days to put this valuable information to work and get as many special tattoos as you can fit on your body, or the bodies of your friends, boyfriend or girlfriends or anywhere else you like.

Test its value for yourself. Choose as many tattoo designs as you like. Once you've used them, I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send the book back!

But, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent . Just return the book and we'll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee! 

Free Bonuses:

And, only if you acquire the e-book today, I'll also throw in these great bonuses for free:

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Serguei Levykin

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